Welcome to the epicenter of the Luke & Mandy universe. The renowned team have been published and exhibited across planet Earth. The UK based, married creative duo don't specialise in anything, just simply create art in any and every way their unique journey takes them. Not conformed to industry politics and rules, not scared to speak their mind and not afraid to go against the grain everyday. 

After knowing each other several years, in 2014 the stars aligned and Luke & Mandy went on a date. Quickly after meeting Luke started to photograph his model girlfriend. They adored the art they created together and decided to start their own series named 'Two Souls'. This quickly evolved into their own complete brand. The team constantly travel, having now visited over 10 countries they are constantly making photographs for brands and magazines, everywhere they go.

In 2016 the duo started partnering with Zeiss for photo shoots. They had always admired their lenses and view them as the best in the world. The relationship quickly evolved into a fully fledged ambassador role by early 2017.

As 2017 dawned, Luke & Mandy became Co Editor In Chief at Hungry Eye Journal, the renowned UK based Filmmaking and Photography publication which is distributed all around the globe.

In July 2017 Luke & Mandy are honoured to hold their first solo exhibition and one of the most exclusive venues in London, Grace Belgravia.

Early 2018, the team became represented by After Nyne Gallery, an extremely high end art gallery in Kensington ,London. This quickly became a great relationship for both parties as Luke & Mandy’s artworks sold regularly through this prestigious outlet.

Later in 2018, they released their first book titled ‘2.5’ which celebrates the first 2.5 years of their creative journey together. Their debut book is comprised of 106 artworks and is for sale in select book shops across the UK including Waterstones and Hatchards, London’s oldest bookshop.. 

2018 was also the year that a very close working relationship with Sony began. After being unhappy with the camera system they had used for years, Luke & Mandy decided to look into a new system to create their photographs with. Having gained a good knowledge of the industry whilst working with a publication, there was no doubt that Sony were the brand to choose. Shortly after using the Sony Alpha systems, Luke & Mandy were commissioned for an array of events for the iconic brand, including hosting a fashion shoot at their HQ for all of the UK’s photographic retailers and creating their art in front of thousands of people at The Photography Show.

Luke & Mandy also have their series 'Cetera'; Natural moments in time they capture of the planet they reside on. Unlike Luke & Mandy's personal journey, Cetera isn't bound by 2.5 year intervals. The team start a new chapter when they feel the time has come. 

Luke & Mandy frequently sell their artworks to private buyers and luxury interior designers across the world. Locations include London, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and Miami.