Mandy Artworks

What began as a casual photoshoot and soon evolved into a constant photographic expedition of art. The gallery titles depict the timeline of their journey. The culmination of each period in time sees the release of a hardback book comprised of its artworks. They are distributed throughout the UK to selected stockists and sold online to the world.



May 2017 - November 2019

The second period of Luke & Mandy's creative journey takes a more personal turn as their first child, Milo Rane, was born on March 25th 2018. The new parents naturally embraced the latest Woodford addition and incorporated him into their photographic story. Another key change for the family was a permanent move to the Haute Pyrenees region of France. Constantly inspired by their surroundings, the duo didn’t feel the need to travel as much in this part of their journey. ‘5’ has a heavy French influence. As artists, they don't follow a path and are unaware of the destination that their photographic journey takes them, they just embrace and capture whatever their ever changing inspiration takes them.

Locations: England, France, Italy.



November 2014 - May 2017

The dawn of their creative existence. This is where Luke & Mandy fell in love; with each other and with the art they originated together. This early period in time was defined by experimentation and evolution. Their care free portraits rapidly evolved into a brand through their passion and need to create together. 2.5 is a diverse blend of uninhibited portraiture and conceptual fine art fashion. This period of time was an exploration, not only of the planet, but also the possibilities of their new venture. 

Locations: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Wales.